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Journal of Public Affair - Special Issue: Interest Groups, Lobbying and Lobbyists in Developing Democracies

Journal of Public Affairs
Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Volume 8 Issue 1-2 , Pages 1 - 127 (February - May 2008)
Special Issue: Interest Groups, Lobbying and Lobbyists in Developing Democracies
Issue Edited by Clive S. Thomas

Academic Papers

Understanding interest groups, lobbying and lobbyists in developing democracies (p 1-14)Clive S. Thomas, Ronald J. HrebenarPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.287
This introductory article sets the scene for understanding the seven articles that follow in this Special Issue of the Journal. It lays the groundwork in five areas. First, it explains key terms and concepts important for understanding interests, interest groups and lobbying in developing democracies and goes into some detail about the concept of democracy. Second, it offers insights into the characteristics of interest group systems in developing democracies. Third, it briefly reviews the form and extent of the existing work written on interest groups in these political systems. Fourth, it argues that viewing developing democracies through the role of interest groups is a valuable analytical tool but must be adapted from the study of interest groups in developed and well-established democracies to be of use in understanding these developing systems. And fifth, it points out how the seven articles that follow help illustrate the definitions and explanations presented in the previous four sections and the promise and challenges faced by interests and interest groups in these political systems.
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The development and regulation of lobbying in the new member states of the European Union (p 15-32)Conor McGrathPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.284
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Economic interest groups and the consolidation of democracy in the Czech Republic (p 33-49)Robert K. EvansonPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.283
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Interests and lobbying in Lithuania: a spectrum of development (p 51-65)Ronald J. Hrebenar, Courtney H. McBeth, Bryson B. MorganPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.281
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Business lobbies and policymaking in developing countries: the contrasting cases of India and China (p 67-82)Vineeta YadavPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.285
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Continuity and change in Argentine interest group activity and lobbying practices (p 83-97)Diane E. JohnsonPublished Online: May 8 2008 12:29PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.282
For much of Argentina's history, key groups representing labour, big business and agriculture went directly to the executive branch rather than working through the relatively weak national Congress or political parties. Political instability both contributed to, and resulted from, this tendency. Since the return to democracy in 1983, the process of interest articulation has manifested both continuity and change. Although the system remains distinct from the traditional models of pluralism and corporatism in the U.S. and Western Europe, the adoption of neoliberal economic policies and the gradual institutionalization of democracy have led to an incremental but, as yet, incomplete shift from a form of corporatism to one that is more pluralistic. While neither globalization nor pluralism guarantee democratic stability, the resultant changes in these contexts are likely to be more conducive to democratic stability and government accountability in Argentina than the old system of interest articulation. However, Argentina has no general law regulating lobbying practices, despite efforts to pass one in the recent years.
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Coalition lobbying in Tanzania: the experiences of local NGOs (p 99-114)Ginger L. Elliott-TeaguePublished Online: May 19 2008 10:16AMDOI: 10.1002/pa.286
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The emergence of civil society organizations in South Africa (p 115-127)Howard P. LehmanPublished Online: Jul 30 2008 1:48PMDOI: 10.1002/pa.288
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